Siri has been successfully mated with Rexstars Epson.

Read more about him below.

Born 20170505.

A very flexible, adaptive and responsive dog with an expressive face.

He is both humble and attentive when on a charm mission and he is proficient in dog language.

CEA: Hereditary clear
PLL: Hereditary clear
Ögonlysning: Dec-20 Clear
Patella: Clear

Leela has been successfully mated with
Rexstars Clapton.

Read more about him below.

Born 20160106.
Very good herding aptitude on a herding test perfomed in 2017.
Works at a farm with cows and are herding them daily during spring and summer.

A very flexible, adaptive and responsive dog who doesn't hesitate for any hard work. Nevertheless he has no problem to rest during breaks and free time.
He is a very loving family dog.

CEA: Not tested
PLL: Hereditary clear
Ophthalmoscopy: Dec-20 Clear
Patella: Clear
BPH: Implemented with gun shot

KONTAKT: 0737590988


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